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Brochure with Work-Fit logo at the top, the logo of the consumers choice award and a photo of knee treatment
Chiropractor using a 3D model of the spine to explain to a patient
Boot Camp Information and an illustration of Lumber Spinal Stenosis and the most recent study by UofT

 Temporarily closed until further notice.

Total Joing Physiofit/Aqua Yoga/Oh My Ackeing Back
Symptoms of Pelvic Health
Publicly Funded Physiotherapy Criteria • Aged 65 and older or Aged 19 and under. Call for more details


Photo of a women with acupuncture needles on her head and face
Women suffering from a migraine
Woman looking very pleased while getting a massage
Women suffering from Vertigo or spinning
Physiotherapist treating knee pain
Man holding his back due to pain
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