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An ongoing series of rehabilitation articles to help you "Get Better and Stay Better"

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The Five Key Benefits of Physiotherapy — and Why You Should Start Right Now

February 1, 2021

Is an acute or chronic pain condition currently affecting your daily life? Whether it be neck pain, recovering from an on-the-job accident or a sports injury, it might be time to consider physical therapy for pain relief and management.

At Work-Fit Total Therapy Centre, our physiotherapists have provided over 30 years of care across three rehabilitation clinics located in Georgetown, Milton and Oakville Hospitals. With expert knowledge in human movement, Work-Fit physiotherapists employ a wide range of non-invasive, evidence-based practices to not only help with symptom management, but provide an individualized treatment plan to ensure a pep back in your step.

Often patients wait too long to seek out pain relief assistance, leading to debilitating chronic pain that can last a lifetime. Jody Strik, Director of Outpatient Clinics stresses the importance of visiting a physiotherapy clinic as soon as possible, “Don’t leave it too late. We often go through treatment so the condition doesn’t become chronic. Even if you think it’s something minor, we can help put you on the road to recovery.”

In the face of COVID-19, don’t hesitate or wait to get help. All Work-Fit Total Therapy locations are located within a hospital, providing the utmost safety precautions and following all health guidelines. Customers can expect phone screenings before attending their in-person session. Once at the location, you can expect a second screening at the door, masks worn at all times, maintaining six-feet of distance and hospital grade cleaning throughout the facilities to help keep you safe—while helping you get back on track.

Here are five key benefits to starting physiotherapy right now:

  1. Our slogan is get better, stay better. Here at Work-Fit Total Therapy Centre, we will work with you to create a fully customized fitness program to address your goals and help you get back to your optimal level of function. The ultimate goal of any plan of care is to address the patient’s unique goals, resolve his or her impairments, and optimize his or her recovery, functional independence and long-term health.
  2. Physiotherapy will put you on the fast track to resuming normal life because living with pain shouldn’t become your new normal. “We start by going through a full assessment with one of our physiotherapists. They will assess and look at your range of motion, strength and narrow in on a specific diagnosis. You can expect a very thorough, personalized assessment to address your problem and an individualized treatment plan to help increase level of function to help you get back to what you love, whether it’s golfing, running, or work,” said Jody Strik.
  3. Pain-relieving techniques used in physiotherapy have minimal side effects. Unlike the many medications that can be prescribed to manage pain or invasive procedures, physiotherapy treatment plans offer very low side effects, while remaining highly effective. Physiotherapy is known to reduce swelling, inflammation and pain with long lasting results. Furthermore, patients can expect less downtime and with services modified to assist any age group—from infants to seniors—there is a perfect plan for everyone.
  4. An expert physiotherapist can help you maximize all aspects of your well-being, from functional mobility, balance and performance. Since we are assessing all aspects of your health, we can work to meet your goals in many areas from improving coordination, endurance, balance and agility, which can apply to everyday life or enhance sport performance. Our exceptional team will not only help manage your pain, but decrease the chances of injury in the future.
  5. Work-Fit Total Therapy Centre can help identify hidden factors contributing to your injury. Our physiotherapists can identify and resolve any underlying issue that may be further contributing to your pain or enhancing your injury. We go out of our way to ensure we’re providing a high-level of care for all. “We use modern technology and treatment modalities to customize customers' needs. We use evidence-based practices and keep up to date with research and literature to ensure we’re providing the best care to address both symptoms and cause,” said Jody Strik.

Ready to address your injury and find a long-term solution to manage your pain? Contact our Georgetown, Milton and Oakville hospital locations today to get started on your health journey.

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