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We Are An Essential Service - Got Pain We Can Help!

Chiropractor Discussing the Spine with a Client


• Physiotherapy​ • Registered Massage Therapy
• Chiropractic Care Lower Back Pain Clinic
• Lumber Spinal Stenosis • Acupuncture • Hip & Knee Pain
• Deep Pelvic Floor Strengthening • Migraine Headaches
• Neck & Back Pain
• Shockwave Therapy
• Therapeutic Salt Water Pool
• Vestibular Rehabilitation/Vertigo
Physiotherapist showing a patient how to use a theraband for treatment

The government is investing in physiotherapy, giving 90,000 more seniors and eligible patients access to clinic-based services in more communities across the province.

Image of 2 women and 1 male physician

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Recommended by physicians , healthcare providers across the Halton area. 

Google Reviews

OMG, these people and the acility are amazing. I've been to several places for different reasons, and this one in the Oakville Hospital is outstanding. I like a place I feel safe and welcome to. The work out area is huge. There are lots of private treatment beds for one on one care, which is big on my list. I can't say enough about my cheerleaders at Work-Fit Total Therapy Centre. I couldn't be where I am today after my total knee replacement without her.

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